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What new domain extensions do you know?

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nternet traffic, the everyday people are getting smarter and becoming more aware of how the internet works. They don’t just get smarter because they want to become technology savvy, the pressure on time is making it that way. People want to get straight to the point; they are narrowing down their search for the best result. That is why the kind of information you put out there, starting from your domain will help you attract the most informed audience.

Just imagine an IT expert using a .gov domain extension. Apart from the fact that the domain registrar will not allow this, if they did, not many audiences will feel comfortable buying their product or service. Your knowledge of domain extension will come handy when choosing a domain to use for your new website.

Domain extension is the additional characters that come after the name you want as your domain and accepted by the domain registrant. For example, if your chosen domain name is “mybusinessname” and you feel you want it to be a commercial site where you expect customers to buy products, you may decide to choose a .com domain extension. With that extension taken by you, your domain name will now read “mybusinessname.com” and whoever sees this domain name will understand that your site is a business website where they can buy your product or service.

Why new domain extensions

Since the first experiment of what is today the internet started with Thomas Merrill and Robert connecting the TX-2 computer Mass to Q-32 in California over a low-speed dial-up phone line in 1965. The journey of the internet can be said to be evolving today. So many improvements from the sketchy display of telecommunication ingenuity back then have grown greatly today leading to more innovation and ideas to enhance the use of the cyber technology is all areas of our existence.

Going side by side with the internet is advanced marketing communication that seeks to take cognizance of growing constraints on the time of individuals to filter out unnecessary time wasters to give people precisely what they want. The birth of more domain extensions is not unconnected with the need to save peoples’ time and remove fluff from the process of getting information online. Therefore, the

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What are the new additions in domain name extensions?

Today, the internet is providing more people access to information and helping to invigorate the shrinking employment community to make jobs available in nontraditional employment system. For instance, one of the new domain extensions is .guru which is associated with individuals who have specialized knowledge in certain areas and niche.

The question is that who would you naturally prefer to talk to when you want to learn about the internet? A cyber guru will be most appropriate and not some college students who studied computer science. The reason is simple, the term guru, derived from high-level spiritual master connotes the idea of someone with vast knowledge in the area of skill you seek. So, you want to learn from a master in the field you try to build more skills. Therefore, anyone with the high level of expertise in his or her trade can decide to register a domain and use guru instead of the general commercial domain extension “.com” to describe his service.

Some facts about new domain extension

  • It narrows your search. A “.shoes” domain extension tells you the site you are seeing sell or deals in shoes. So you don’t bother checking for on .shoes sites, and when this registers in the minds of the target audience, they get smarter, and it helps businesses work smarter too.
  • It helps for better description. Many web users today understand that an “.edu” domain extension is synonymous with education services or institutions and as other new domain become frequently used; they register in their minds such as a “.consulting” to describe the consultants.
  • Country domain shows what country you come from. A dot-com domain extension does not tell what country your website is registered unless you check the domain information, but the new country domain extension is more helpful in showing the user the country they are dealing with from looking at the domain name.

With hundreds of top level domains available today compared to just a few some years back, the internet user only needs to know what matters to them. The good part of the web is that when you need information about a domain extension just search it in Google and the answer will be provided thus adding to your knowledge of the new domain extensions you need to know. For a detailed list of a new domain extension, see the full list on ICANN.

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